Interactive writing activities second grade

The content standards are found in Chapter 6. In a short lesson each day, students gather as a class alongside their expert writer the teacher to craft and write text in a variety of genres. Most people in the Northern states thought slavery was wrong. Use a variety of leads to hook and engage the reader i.

This strategy could be modeled on the first day of school, and it could continue to be used throughout the school year daily or several times a day, with other books read aloud during the week or other topics of interest to the students. Still, there will be spontaneous and organic aspects of this experience that will be unique and genuine to the interaction.

One never knows in advance the exact wording students will choose for their text and, therefore, cannot always anticipate the conventions and specific aspects of craft that will be relevant to teach.

We have deliberately chosen to provide only a basic introduction to the rock cycle, as this difficult concept is inextricably linked to the theory of plate tectonics, a topic typically reserved for the middle school years.

Homesteaders were required to stay on the land, build a home, and farm the land for five years. Interactive writing is a teaching approach that can simultaneously advance both the individualized needs of writers and any grade-level goals.

How do you feel about the first day of school. This lesson meets the National Science Education Standards: Universal elements of interactive writing: It is created around a topic that is relevant and engaging for the entire class.

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Compose The teacher and students discuss the specific content of the writing. In this rhyming text, a little boy names all of the things he wants to bring to school on the first day of kindergarten, from a sandbox to a chair for his stuffed bear, until his mother assures him that his teacher will have everything he needs.

Second grade sight words - The all-important Dolch words, broken down in three subsets for your convenience. They agree on one sentence during the Compose phase and then write it while sharing the pen. Once students become more fluent writers, there is more flow between the Compose and Share the Pen phases.

Fun Second Grade Lesson Plans for the Entire Year

Additionally, while one student writes, the class might practice a specific convention or craft on individual dry-erase boards. In the upper elementary grades, finished interactive writing pieces can serve as exemplars for students.

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These Election Day Printable Worksheets are great for teachers, homeschoolers and parents. Grade 2 telling time worksheets including telling time to the whole hour, half hour, quarter hour and nearest 5 minute and 1 minute intervals; reading clocks and drawing clock faces, units of time, elapsed time, am and pm, calendars, days of the week and months of the year.

Interactive student-writing activities include a Process Writing Workshop, Write Your Way quick-writing tool, and Build-a-Book portal. Writing A-Z's safe, kid-friendly interactive resources support writing practice and literacy development.

Free second grade worksheets and games including, phonics, grammar, couting games, counting worksheets, addition online practice,subtraction online practice, multiplication online practice, hundreds charts, math worksheets generator, free math work sheets Second Grade Math Worksheets and Games.

2nd Grade Reading and Writing Worksheets. Interactive Learning: Reading provides reading passages and corresponding activities to reinforce learning in comprehension, vocabulary, story maps, and more.

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Interactive writing activities second grade
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Fun Writing Activities for 1st & 2nd Grade | Synonym