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Cardioid mics are widely used in live sound, because their "apple-shaped" pickup pattern rejects sounds from the sides and rear of the mic, making it more resistant to unwanted feedback "howls".

In smaller clubs with lower- to mid-priced audio consoles, the audio engineer may only have a single "auxiliary send" knob on each channel strip. Stores often use the word "professional" or "pro" in their name or the description of their store, to differentiate their stores from consumer electronics storeswhich sell consumer-grade loudspeakershome cinema equipment, and amplifiers, which are designed for private, in-home use.

A feedback suppressor is an automatically-adjusted band-reject or notch filter which includes a microprocessor to detect the onset of feedback "howls" and direct the filter to suppress the feedback by lowering the gain right at the offending frequency.

Some rental companies often rent powered amplifier-mixers, mixers with onboard effects, and powered subwoofers for use by non-professionals, which are easier to set up and use.

These products minimize the number of wiring connections that bands have to make to set up the system and they take less time to set up. A small coffeehouse where traditional folk, bluegrass or jazz groups are the main performers may have no subwoofers, and instead rely on the full-range main PA speakers to reproduce bass sounds.

Reverb, for example, can give the effect of signal being present in anything from a small room to a massive hall, or even in a space that does not exist in the physical world.

Applications[ edit ] Sound reinforcement systems are used in a broad range of different settings, each of which poses different challenges. Some active loudspeakers also have equalization, crossover and mixing circuitry built in.

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In a coffeehouse or small nightclub, the snake may be only routed to a single mixing console, which an audio engineer will use to adjust the sound and volume of the onstage vocals and instruments that the audience hears through the main speakers and adjust the volume of the monitor speakers that are aimed at the performers.

Live theater[ edit ] Sound for live theater, operatic theater, and other dramatic applications may pose problems similar to those of churches, in cases where a theater is an old heritage building where speakers and wiring may have to blend in with woodwork. We will present the problems that appeared at different stages of production.

This period also saw the introduction of inexpensive molded plastic speaker enclosures mounted on tripod stands.

Often an air conditioned room just for the amplifiers is utilised. As with any such measurement tool, it must always be verified using actual human ears.

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Cardioid mics are widely used in live sound, because their "apple-shaped" pickup pattern rejects sounds from the sides and rear of the mic, making it more resistant to unwanted feedback "howls". Bi-amplifiication, tri-amplification, or quad-amplification of a sound reinforcement system with the aid of a DLMS results in a more efficient use of amplifier power by sending each amplifier only the frequencies appropriate for its respective loudspeaker.

Every genre and style of music has different approaches to live sound mixing. Most compressors available are designed to allow the operator to select a ratio within a range typically between 1: The reduction or elimination of loudspeakers other than instrument amplifiers on stage has allowed for cleaner and less problematic mixing situations for both the front of house and monitor engineers.

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This arrangement can be problematic because the performers end up having to request changes to the monitor mixes with " In these cases, at least two audio engineers are required; one to do the main mix for the audience at FOH and another to do the monitor mix for the performers on stage.

Some system design criteria specify limiters for component protection and gain structure control. The speed that the compressor adjusts the gain of the signal called the attack is typically adjustable as is the final output of the device. Another challenge with sports sound reinforcement setups is that in many arenas and stadiums, the spectators are on all four sides of the playing field.

A Meyer line array of speaker cabinets is moved into position at an outdoor concert. The number of subwoofer speaker cabinets and power amplifiers dedicated to low-frequency sounds used in a club depends on the type of club, the genres of music played there live or via a DJand the size of the venue.

These were mostly smaller two way systems with 12", 15" or double 15" woofers and a high frequency driver attached to a high frequency horn.

Another challenge with designing sound systems for live music clubs is that the sound system may need to be used for both prerecorded music played by DJs and live music.

Many sound reinforcement loudspeaker systems incorporate protection circuitry, preventing damage from excessive power or operator error.

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The basic designs were based on commonly known designs and the speaker components were commercial speakers. Musical Acoustics Microphone History This tutorial was presented in 3 parts: The output signals from the FOH console connects to a Sound reinforcement system. Touring systems[ edit ] Touring sound systems have to be powerful and versatile enough to cover many different halls and venues, and they are available many different sizes and shapes.

These rehearsals are used to fine-tune the many technical aspects such as lighting, sound, video associated with a live performance. In some cases, automatic mixers are used to control the levels of the microphones, and turn off the channels for microphones which are not being spoken into, to reduce unwanted background noise and reduce the likelihood of feedback.

Sports and recreational sound systems often face environmental challenges as well, such as the need for weather-proof outdoor speakers in outdoor stadiums and humidity - and splash-resistant speakers in swimming pools.

Foldback[ edit ] The foldback or monitor engineer focuses on mixing the sound that the performers hear on stage via a stage monitor system also known as the foldback system. Touring systems range from mid-sized systems for bands playing nightclub and other mid-sized venues to large systems for groups playing stadiumsarenas and outdoor festivals.

Once the signal arrives at an input on a mixing console, this signal can be adjusted in many ways by the sound engineer. During the s the large speaker manufacturers started producing standard products using the innovations of the s. Some subwoofers have metal speaker mount holes built into the top, so that they can double as a base for the stand-mounted full-range PA speaker cabinets.

Church sound[ edit ] The Iglesia Los Olivos church. Parametric equalizers are often built into each channel in mixing consoles, typically for the mid-range frequencies.

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Wide-Open B-2 Fest Rocks Belarus September 6, It was an unforgettable party more than three decades in the making when legendary rock band B-2 returned to its home turf of Belarus for a one-day free concert in front ofrapturous fans.

Staged in a vast open park in front of Bobriusk Arena, the event was powered by a massive Meyer Sound reinforcement system anchored by LEO Family.

The Chapel, Historic San Francisco Landmark Turned Concert Venue, Undergoes Complete Sound and Control Upgrade With QSC Press Release Sep 24, Sep 24, Venue-wide, multi-room system features broad range of QSC products and technologies.

Live Sound / PA. Live Sound is the area of our Store where you will find everything you require to perform in front of an audience in a traditional band setup, such as microphones, mixers, speakers and signal processing gear.

AES Live videos are free to AES members. This tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of how to achieve desirable low-frequency sound coverage including: subwoofer polar response control, array and cluster configuration, signal routing/processing options, performance stage effects, source decorrelation, acoustic barriers and perceptual considerations.

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